works to improve quality of life for small-scale fruit farmers of Central Asia through a farmer-to-farmer training program and development assistance designed to improve farming methods and livelihoods. is a project of IDEAS (International Development and Educational Associates). IDEAS is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization incorporated in the USA. operates in Kazakhstan through the locally registered not-for-profit Harvest Public Fund.

Project Distinctives

1. Fostering improved sustainable agricultural technologies, methods, and management skills.

2. Managing non-profit activities from a business perspective that provides both for self-funding as well as donor support.

3. Focusing on training and enabling local staff, with a ratio of one expatriate resident staff to ten local staff.

4. Maximizing effectiveness of resident expatriate staff through focused short-term applications by visiting professionals.

5. Applying interactive adult education methods in a multiplying training program.

Organizations providing funding have included

1. IDEAS donors and participants

2. Tear Fund UK

3. The Government of New Zealand

4. USAID/Winrock Farmer-to-Farmer Program

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